Among my interests

I have many interests and being a writer allows me to share them with others. Elsewhere on my website, you’ll find a growing library of articles along these themes (in alphabetical order, not necessarily the order of importance):

  • Cooking: There was a time that I didn’t bother with anything that couldn’t be prepared, start to finish, in less than 20 minutes. But in recent years, I began experimenting and started to enjoy cooking. From time to time I’ll share my recipes here. In case you’d like to try my recipes, I include a link to a printable PDF of each recipe.
  • Environment: For a number of years, I covered natural resources management issues for newspapers in Central California, primarily related to Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument. I found these issues, and the people involved with them, tremendously interesting. Now I live on the Southern Oregon Coast and I’m becoming aware of issues here and hope I can do a good job of telling the story of people’s interest in how their forests are managed. Journalism is in my blood, it seems, and I just can’t pass up a good story. Watch for news of my new website devoted to environmental topics.
  • Flora and fauna: There is so much variety in our natural world. I’m an amateur botanist and love to try to identify the living things where we live and travel. Mushrooms and flowers are easier to photograph than antelope (as an example),  but I try to get photos of birds and animals, too. (And, yes, I know the “antelope” we see in the American West are really pronghorn. And our “buffalo” are really bison.)
  • Family History: I enjoy historical and genealogical research because I think learning about people who lived in the past is one of the best ways to understand history. But my research isn’t limited to my own family. I  love assignments that allow me to pull information together to tell a story. I’ll share some of that research in articles on this website.
  • My Writing Business: I use this website to showcase samples of my work and to connect with clients.  Currently, I am not accepting new consulting clients and have limited time available for editing. However, I am expanding the time I make available for travel writing, other journalism and custom website content. You’ll find many samples of my writing on this website and via links to material published elsewhere.
  • Photography: You’ll find a lot of photographs on my site and I have a large archive. If you’d like to use one or more of my photographs, here’s how.
  • Travel: Road trips are currently my favorite form of travel, but anything that lets me see or experience something new works for me. I support the mission of the Society of American Travel Writers and I’m working to collect enough “points” to become a member. As a journalist, I share information about my travels and pay my own way. In other words, I’m going to share facts and information and do not receive compensation or gratuities from people or places I write about in my articles. If you have a travel blog or edit a print publication and would like to use my work, please contact me. And watch for information about my new website focused old prison and jail tourism.